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The federal government must take the lead

on the path to a foam-free America.

To make progress, we must stop the flow.

The U.S. produces more than 2.8 million tons of plastic foam every year.

It’s time to go foam free

Convenience comes at a high price.

Environmental and health impacts total $7 billion annually

America has been slow to act.

Nine states and more than 100 U.S. cities have passed a ban, but the federal government is missing in action.

About Us

Foam-Free America is a coalition of industry, environmental and civic partners who believe it is past time for the federal government to take action on a problem that is painfully obvious: Expanded polystyrene foam is a harmful substance that should no longer be manufactured for most consumer uses. We are seeking common-sense, bipartisan action to stop the enormous flow of this material so that we can begin to rid our waterways, roadsides and landscapes from plastic foam litter.